Finn Bálor’s Net Worth: How Much Does The Demon King Earn 2023

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Finn Balor’s net worth is projected to be around $6 million as of 2023.

Balor makes money in a variety of ways, including through endorsement deals, merchandise sales, and his WWE contract. He reportedly earns an average annual salary of $1 million from his WWE contract. In addition, he makes a large profit from the sales of anything that bears his likeness, such as t-shirts, action figurines, and other items.

In addition to his career in professional wrestling, Finn Balor has worked with a number of companies, such as Puma and Coca-Cola. He has been featured in advertising for various companies, which has given him the opportunity to make a sizeable sum of money.

Overall, Finn Balor’s success and commitment to his profession are reflected in his wealth. His net worth is anticipated to increase over the next few years as long as he keeps giving excellent performances in the WWE.

Finn Balor’s Net Worth In 2022

Fergal Devitt, also known as Finn Balor, is an Irish professional wrestler who has established a reputation in the sport. He presently has a WWE contract and appears on the SmackDown brand. Finn Balor’s net worth is projected to be around $6 million as of 2022. His profits from his professional wrestling career, endorsements, and merchandise sales are included in this. When Finn Balor enrolled at the NWA UK Hammerlock wrestling academy in London in 2000, his professional wrestling career officially began. Before joining WWE in 2014, he later wrestled for a number of organizations in the UK, Ireland, and Japan. Since then, Finn Balor has won multiple belts, including the NXT Championship, Intercontinental Championship, and WWE Universal Championship, and has grown to be a fan favorite. Additionally, he has made appearances in television programs and motion pictures, such as the 2019 film “Cabin Fever” and the TV movie “The Demon’s Assassin.” Due to Finn Balor’s prominence, he has signed multiple endorsement contracts and collaborated with companies like Puma and Snickers. His merchandising line, which includes t-shirts, hats, and action figures, has also helped to increase his entire net worth. Overall, Finn Balor’s success and commitment to his profession are reflected in his wealth. He is still a well-known character in the wrestling world, and it is anticipated that he will continue to make a good living.

Finn Balor’s Net Worth In 2021

Finn Balor is a well-known professional wrestler from Ireland who has made a name for himself in the wrestling industry. He is known for his incredible performances and unique style. Finn Balor’s net worth has been a topic of interest for many fans who are curious about how much money he makes.

As of 2021, Finn Balor’s net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. He has earned his wealth through his successful wrestling career, as well as various endorsement deals and merchandise sales. Finn Balor has been a part of many high-profile wrestling events, including WrestleMania, and has won numerous championships throughout his career.

In addition to his wrestling career, Finn Balor has also been involved in various philanthropic activities. He has worked with organizations such as Be A Star, which focuses on anti-bullying efforts, and has also been involved in various charity events.

Finn Balor’s net worth is a testament to his hard work and dedication to his craft. He has become one of the most successful wrestlers in the industry, and his popularity continues to grow. With his talent and drive, it is likely that Finn Balor’s net worth will continue to increase in the years to come.

Finn Balor’s Net Worth In 2020

Irish professional wrestler Finn Balor, also known as Fergal Devitt, is well-known in the sport of wrestling. He is currently signed to WWE, and his fans have been curious about his wealth. Finn Balor’s net worth is projected to be about $6 million in 2020 by Celebrity Net Worth. His earnings from his professional wrestling career, merchandise sales, and other endorsements are included in this. Before joining WWE in 2014, Balor started his wrestling career in 2000 and has since performed for numerous organizations, including New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor. Throughout his career, he has won many titles, including the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship, the NXT Championship, and the WWE Universal Championship. In addition to his involvement in professional wrestling, Balor has also supported LGBTQ+ rights and raised money for cancer research. Overall, Finn Balor’s wealth in 2020 is a reflection of his accomplishments in the wrestling business and his commitment to volunteering.

Finn Balor’s Net Worth In 2019

Fergal Devitt, also known as Finn Balor, is an Irish professional wrestler. He presently has a WWE contract and appears on the SmackDown brand. Finn Balor’s net worth was pegged at about $1 million in 2019. Balor’s lucrative professional wrestling career has contributed to his wealth. Since launching his career in 2000, he has performed for numerous organizations, including NXT and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He joined WWE in 2014 and instantly became well-liked by the audience. Balor has made appearances in movies and television shows in addition to wrestling. He made a cameo in the 2016 movie “Shin Godzilla” and an appearance on the 2019 television program “Celtic Throwdown.” Balor has also participated in a number of endorsement agreements and product sales. In addition to working with businesses like Funko and Mattel to produce action figures and other items, he also has his own apparel brand. Overall, Finn Balor’s lucrative wrestling career, media appearances, and endorsement deals contributed to his high net worth in 2019.

Finn Balor’s Net Worth In 2018

Finn Balor, also known as Fergal Devitt, is a professional wrestler from Ireland who has made a name for himself in the world of wrestling. He is known for his high-flying moves and his charismatic personality. But how much is he worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Finn Balor’s net worth in 2018 was estimated to be around $2 million. This includes his earnings from his time in WWE, as well as his previous work in the independent wrestling scene.

While $2 million may seem like a lot of money, it’s important to note that this is just an estimate and may not reflect his current net worth. Additionally, wrestlers often have to pay for their own travel expenses and other costs associated with their profession, which can eat into their earnings.

Despite this, Finn Balor has managed to build a successful career in wrestling and has become a fan favorite around the world. Whether he’s competing in the ring or entertaining fans with his antics outside of it, he has proven himself to be a valuable asset to the wrestling industry.

Finn Balor’s Net Worth In 2017

In 2017, Finn Balor’s net worth was estimated to be $2 million. Balor earned most of his wealth from his professional wrestling career. He started his wrestling career in 2000 and has since worked for various wrestling promotions, including New Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE.

Balor signed with WWE in 2014 and made his debut on the main roster in 2016. He quickly became a fan favorite and won the WWE Universal Championship in his debut match at SummerSlam in 2016. However, due to an injury, he had to relinquish the championship the next day.

Aside from wrestling, Balor has also appeared in movies and TV shows. In 2017, he made a cameo appearance in the movie “Jet Trash” and was a guest on the TV show “Chasing the Magic.”

Overall, Finn Balor’s net worth in 2017 was a reflection of his successful wrestling career and his growing popularity outside of the ring.

Finn Balor’s Net Worth In 2016

The estimated value of Finn Balor’s net worth in 2016 was $2 million. By that time, Balor, whose real name is Fergal Devitt, had already been a professional wrestler for more than ten years after beginning his career in 2000. Balor’s ascent to popularity started in 2014, when he joined NXT, the WWE’s developmental league. He gained popularity with the public rapidly and captured the NXT Championship in 2015. Balor’s popularity grew further, and in 2016, he made his main roster debut. Balor has dabbled in film and modeling in addition to his job in professional wrestling. He has made appearances in numerous TV series, advertisements, periodicals, and advertising campaigns for clothing. Balor’s professional wrestling career and other endorsement deals contributed significantly to his net worth in 2016. Through WWE, he had his own line of merchandise and received sponsorship from businesses like Reebok. Additionally, Balor made a large sum of money via his appearances on WWE television and from the sale of his products. Overall, Finn Balor’s success and commitment to his art were reflected in his 2016 net worth. His net worth increased along with his fame and level of success. Finn Balor is a well-known pro wrestler with over ten years of experience. He has participated in a number of wrestling organizations, such as WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling. He has amassed a sizable fan base thanks to his amazing abilities and expertise. His financial worth is one issue, though, about which many of his followers are interested. Finn Balor’s net worth is thought to be around $6 million, per a number of sources. His earnings from his career in wrestling, endorsements, and other commercial activities are included in this sum. Since joining WWE a number of years ago, Balor has made a large sum of money via his appearances, merchandise sales, and matches. He has also participated in a number of endorsement partnerships, including those with companies like Monster Energy and Snickers.

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Image: Courtesy finn balor/ Instagram

Early Life And Career

Finn Balor was born as Fergal Devitt on July 25, 1981, in Bray, County Wicklow, Ireland. His father and grandfather, who were both amateur wrestlers, served as his inspiration as he grew up in a family of wrestlers. He started training in wrestling at a young age and competed in his first match when he was only 18 years old.

In 2000, Balor began his professional wrestling career in the UK-based promotion NWA UK Hammerlock. He quickly gained popularity and became a regular on the independent wrestling circuit in the UK, Japan, and the United States. He worked for several promotions, including New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), where he won the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship three times.

In 2014, Balor signed with WWE and was assigned to their developmental territory, NXT. He made his debut in September of that year and quickly became one of the brand’s top stars. He won the NXT Championship in July 2015 and held it for 292 days, the longest reign in the title’s history at the time.

Balor made his main roster debut in July 2016 and has since become one of WWE’s most popular and recognizable superstars. He has won several championships, including the Universal Championship, the Intercontinental Championship, and the United States Championship. Balor is also known for his unique entrance, where he appears as “The Demon,” a character he created to showcase his Irish heritage and love for comic book superheroes.

WWE Career

Finn Balor, whose real name is Fergal Devitt, began his professional wrestling career in 2000 and signed with WWE in 2014. He made his debut on the NXT brand, where he quickly became one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster.

Balor’s first major accomplishment in WWE was winning the NXT Championship in 2015. He held the title for 292 days, the longest reign in NXT history at the time. During his time on NXT, Balor also formed the popular stable known as The Bullet Club.

In 2016, Balor was promoted to the main roster and made his debut on Raw. He quickly made an impact by winning the WWE Universal Championship in his first pay-per-view match, becoming the first wrestler to win a world title in their pay-per-view debut.

Unfortunately, Balor’s reign as champion was cut short due to a shoulder injury he suffered during the match. He was forced to relinquish the title and was sidelined for several months.

Since returning from injury, Balor has continued to be a popular and successful wrestler on the Raw brand. He has had numerous high-profile matches and feuds, including a memorable match against Brock Lesnar at the 2019 Royal Rumble.

Throughout his WWE career, Balor has also been known for his unique and captivating entrances, which often involve elaborate body paint and costumes. He has also been a strong advocate for mental health awareness, using his platform to speak out about his own struggles with anxiety.

Overall, Finn Balor’s WWE career has been filled with notable accomplishments and moments. He has established himself as one of the top wrestlers in the company and has a bright future ahead of him.

Championships And Achievements

Finn Balor has had a successful career in professional wrestling, winning numerous championships and accolades. He has competed in various promotions, including WWE and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Some of his notable championship wins include:

  • WWE Universal Championship
  • WWE Intercontinental Championship
  • NXT Championship
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship
  • IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

Balor has also won several tournaments, including the Best of the Super Juniors in 2010 and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic in 2015 and 2019.

In addition to his championship wins, Balor has been recognized for his in-ring abilities and charisma. He was named the Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) Wrestler of the Year in 2015 and was ranked #4 in the PWI 500 in 2016.

Overall, Finn Balor’s championships and achievements demonstrate his skill and dedication to the sport of professional wrestling.

Endorsements And Other Ventures

Finn Balor’s net worth goes beyond his earnings from wrestling. He has also made a significant amount of money through his endorsements and other ventures.

Throughout his career, Balor has received endorsements from numerous companies, including Monster Energy, MusclePharm, and BSN. He has also worked with WWE’s official sponsor, Snickers, and has appeared in several of their commercials.

In addition to his endorsement deals, Balor has also ventured into the world of fashion. He has worked with Roots of Fight, a company that makes clothing with inspiration from combat sports. Balor has also launched his own clothing line, called “Finest Collection,” which features a range of athletic wear and accessories.

Furthermore, Balor has also dabbled in acting. He appeared in an episode of the popular TV series “Vikings” in 2018, playing the character “The Wanderer.” He has also made appearances in several WWE-produced films, including “Eliminators” and “The Marine 4: Moving Target.”

Overall, Finn Balor’s endorsements and other ventures have contributed significantly to his net worth, and he continues to explore new opportunities outside of the wrestling ring.

Finn Balor’s House

Finn Balor has lived in various homes throughout his career as a professional wrestler. He currently resides in a luxurious house in Orlando, Florida. The house is located in the prestigious community of Lake Nona Golf & Country Club.

The house is estimated to be worth around $1.8 million and sits on a 0.35-acre lot. It has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a three-car garage. The house has a modern design with clean lines and an open floor plan.

The interior of the house is spacious and elegant, featuring high ceilings, large windows, and high-end finishes. The living room has a fireplace and opens up to the kitchen and dining area, making it perfect for entertaining guests. The kitchen is equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and has a large island for food preparation.

The master suite is located on the first floor and has a walk-in closet and a luxurious bathroom with a soaking tub and a separate shower. The other three bedrooms are located on the second floor and each has its own bathroom. The house also has a covered outdoor living area with a summer kitchen and a pool, perfect for enjoying the warm Florida weather.

Overall, Finn Balor’s house is a stunning example of modern luxury living.

Charitable Works

Finn Balor is known for his philanthropic work and has been involved in several charitable organizations. He has used his fame and fortune to give back to the community and make a positive impact on people’s lives. Here are some of his notable charitable works:

  • Beaumont Hospital Foundation: Finn Balor has been a longtime supporter of the Beaumont Hospital Foundation, which raises funds for medical research and patient care. He has participated in several fundraising events and donated a portion of his merchandise sales to the foundation.
  • Conor McGregor’s Charity: Finn Balor has also supported Conor McGregor’s charity, which aims to improve the lives of children in Ireland and around the world. He has donated items for auction and participated in charity events to raise funds for the organization.
  • Special Olympics: Finn Balor has been a strong advocate for the Special Olympics, which provides sports training and competition for people with intellectual disabilities. He has participated in the organization’s events and donated a portion of his merchandise sales to the cause.
  • Breast Cancer Awareness: Finn Balor has shown his support for breast cancer awareness by wearing pink ring gear during WWE events in October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. He has also donated a portion of his merchandise sales to breast cancer research organizations.

Overall, Finn Balor’s charitable works have had a significant impact on the lives of many people. He has used his platform to raise awareness and funds for important causes and has inspired others to do the same.


In conclusion, professional wrestler Finn Balor has developed a sizable net worth throughout the course of his career. His work in professional wrestling, retail sales, and brand sponsorships have all helped him earn his money.

Finn Balor’s net worth is thought to be around $10 million, per a number of sources. As he continues to make money from his wrestling career and other endeavors, this sum is subject to change.

Due to his notoriety and accomplishments in the realm of professional wrestling, Finn Balor has had countless opportunities to promote various businesses. He has served as a brand representative for organizations including Nike, Marvel, and WWE. These endorsements have contributed significantly to his financial worth.

Overall, Finn Balor’s success and commitment to his profession are reflected in his wealth. He has succeeded to a degree that many wrestlers can only imagine, and he still enjoys a strong following among wrestling fans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Finn Bálor’s current net worth?

As of 2023, Finn Bálor’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

How does Finn Bálor’s net worth compare to other WWE wrestlers?

Compared to other WWE wrestlers, Finn Bálor’s net worth is relatively modest. However, he is still considered to be one of the most successful wrestlers in the industry.

What is Finn Bálor’s main source of income?

Finn Bálor’s main source of income is his career as a professional wrestler. He has also earned money from merchandise sales and endorsements.

Has Finn Bálor’s net worth increased over time?

Yes, Finn Bálor’s net worth has increased over time. As he has become more popular and successful in the wrestling industry, his earnings have also increased.

What is Finn Bálor’s estimated salary from WWE?

Finn Bálor’s estimated salary from WWE is around $1 million per year. However, this figure may vary depending on his contract and other factors.

What business ventures has Finn Bálor invested in?

There is no public information available about any specific business ventures that Finn Bálor has invested in. However, he has been involved in various charitable and philanthropic efforts throughout his career.

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